What to Pack When Travelling with Baby

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What to Pack When Travelling with Baby - Personalised Baby Bibs

We all know that travelling with a baby is never easy and sometimes you don’t know what to pack in the suitcase and what to pack in your carry-on bag. So, here are some ideas I hope you find useful.

Carry-on bag contents

Nappies - Its best to make sure you have more than enough as you don’t want to get stuck without any, so I would pack one for each hour of your whole travel plus and extra few in case for any reason there are delays.

Wipes - You will need wipes for changing your baby’s nappy and for any mess they make, so I would suggest taking a big pack of wipes.

Nappy Cream - The cream you usually use when changing your baby’s nappy. You will need make sure you have enough for the journey, as you don’t want your little one getting a rash as it will make them uncomfortable for the rest of the journey.

Changing mat - Most aeroplanes don’t have baby changing facilities on them, so you might need to change baby on your lap. So. you might want the changing mat so you don’t get mess from baby on your clothes.

Nappy sacks - You might need these as they can prevent the smell from being bad for other passengers.

A plastic bag - For any dirty baby clothes.

Bibs - For feeding time, why not try these personalised baby bibs.

Burp cloth - To avoid getting any sick over yourself.

A few changes of baby clothes - For baby in case for any reason they mess the clothes they are wearing.

A change of clothes for yourself - In case baby gets anything on your clothes.

Dummy - I would pack a couple in case any get dropped or lost.

Breast milk or formula - In case baby will need a bottle made on the flight.

Bottles - For the milk.

Blanket - In case its cold and if and for when baby sleeps, check out this beautiful personalised baby blanket range.

Snacks - If your baby is old enough to eat solids now, I would suggest some snacks because they might get hungry.

Canned or jarred food - If they are eating solids for there breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Toys - To keep baby entertained.

Teething soother - To help baby on the flight.

Don’t forget the passport!

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