Taking your baby out for the first time

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Here are some tips to help you when taking your baby out for the first time, hope you find them useful.

It can get a bit much staying indoors all the time while recovering from having your baby, so as long as your doctor or health visitor haven’t advised you to stay home and you are very well enough then going out shouldn’t be a problem. Fresh air will do both you and your baby good. To avoid your baby getting ill it might be better to avoid crowed places like shopping centres as you don’t want your baby catching anything from anyone.

Try starting with small walks. Remember you have just had a baby so you don’t want to be doing too much too soon, try going for a walk in a park or to the shops so you know how much your body can take.

Make sure your baby is wearing the right clothes for the weather. You don’t want your baby getting too hot or too cold so check what the weather is like before you leave the house. If it is winter, then make sure you have a personalised baby blanket and their hands and feet are always covered. If it is summer it is best to keep your baby directly out of sun light as their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen and you don’t want them getting burnt, also make sure they are wearing a hat and loose clothing as you don’t want them getting to hot and the hat protects them.

Make sure you have everything you will need. Quite quickly you will realise you can’t leave the house without a changing bag and what stuff you will need in your changing bag. Even if you’re going for a short walk make sure you have nappies and a change of clothes possible 1 of both these things for every hour you are out. If you are breastfeeding, then you want to take your breastfeeding cover but if you don’t feel comfortable then it might be a good idea to practise in place you feel more comfortable. Sometimes it might help to have a checklist, so you don’t forget anything.

Check list for your baby changing bag.

Nappies – One for every hour you will be out.

Nappy rash cream – In case you need to change a nappy while you’re out.

Wipes – you need wipes for changing your baby’s nappy but also wipes come in handy for cleaning up any mess or spills.

Extra Clothes – Just in case your baby gets milk down themselves or any mess from their nappy, why not a pack some additional personalised baby grows.

A changing pad – Nappy bags normally come with a changing pad for you to use when changing your baby.

Hand Sanitizer – For when after you have changed a nappy in case there is nowhere for you to wash your hands.

Nappy Bags – For the dirty nappy.

Bottles – make sure you have a bottle you have enough for your trip out.

Nursing Cover – in case you need to breast feed while you are out.

Blanket – To keep baby warm.

A spare dummy – If your baby has a dummy.

Check list for mum.


Handbag or purse.

Bottle of water or preferred drink (wouldn’t recommend alcohol).

Book or magazine if you are going to the park.

Mobile phone.

When buying your changing bag its best to pick one that is waterproof in case you get caught out in the rain otherwise everything in your bag will get wet. When packing your bag put medicines in a plastic bag so if they leak, they don’t go over the clothes and stuff you have in the bag and put the plastic bag in the bottom of the changing bag. Having multiple compartments will make it easier when packing because, you will know where everything is.

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