Pregnancy, Labour & Birth during Covid-19

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Pregnancy, Labour & Birth during Covid-19 - Personalised Baby ClothingPregnancy during COVID-19

While being pregnant during Covid-19 you might be unsure what the rules are at hospitals and what you should be doing so here is a few things to try and make this time a bit easier for you.

Although there are is no evidence that pregnant are going to get seriously ill from Covid-19 you are still classed as high risk as pregnant people are at more of a risk of getting a flu. So, its safer to take the precautions.

Make sure if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 that you tell your midwife or the maternity team if you are at the hospital.

While you are pregnant its best to stay at home as much as you can and to also wash your hands regularly and if you need to go out use the 2-metre rule. Make sure you stay away from anyone that has the Covid-19 symptoms.

If you do get any of the symptoms of Covid-19 then you need to:

  • Inform your midwife
  • Book yourself in for a Covid-19 test
  • Self-isolate

You will still be having your appointments but there will be some changes to how the appointment is done.

Here is what will happen when you have an appointment or scan:

  • While in the hospital you may be asked to wear a mask
  • Your appointment may be rescheduled if it is cancelled, they will rebook for a different date
  • You might find that your midwife appointment is over the phone or if needed done online or by video call.

Labour and Birth

If you have had any problems during your pregnancy, then your midwife will advise you to give birth in hospital.

If you have not had any problems and you and your baby are doing well then you might be able to give birth at home.

There has been changes as to what would normally happen because of Covid-19 your midwife will help and go through these with you.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 when you go into labour, then you will be looked after closely in a birth unit. The maternity unit will know how to look after you if you have Covid-19 and you will be put in part of the maternity unit that is for women with Covid-19.

During this time, your birthing partner will not be able to stay with you all day like they used to. Your birthing partner should be able to stay with you while you are in labour and give birth, but they will have a limit with how long they can stay after.

If your partner has Covid-19 or any symptoms, then they will not be able to come to the hospital with you so you might want to have a backup birthing partner.

After you have had your baby you should be able to still have your skin to skin with your baby unless there are any complications.

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