Going out for fireworks night with baby.

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Baby 1st Fireworks Night - Personalised Baby Blankets

Going out for fireworks night with baby.

It’s pretty exciting getting to share these experiences with your new baby but remember they might not enjoy them as much as us as the sounds are going to be something new for them, but they might find the colours to be mesmerising. Every baby will have a different reaction so make sure your prepared.

Here are some tips for a safe night.

Always keep your baby with you.

Don’t let your baby out of your sight for even a second when there is a bonfire nearby or fireworks going off. If you need to go to the bathroom then make sure you either take your baby with you or leave them with a family member or friend.

Protect your baby’s ears.

Babies ears are a lot more sensitive than ours so you would need to protect their ears and it’s also a good idea to keep your baby’s ears warm. I wouldn’t recommend using earplugs on your baby but instead use baby earmuffs or make sure the baby has a hat on wrapped in a blanket. If the fireworks are being done in a small place for example a back garden, then I would recommend watching the fireworks indoors with the baby.

Keep your baby at a safe distance.

If you are going to a big fireworks display then you shouldn’t be able to get to close as they would have already taken safety precautions but if you are having them at home or in a close proximity then you need to keep your baby at a safe distance away from fireworks or bonfires. Even though most fireworks at shot into the air things can go wrong so its best to make sure you and baby are as far back as you can be or even inside watching. Bonfires can get hot and because of the cold weather your baby will be wrapped up extra warm so make sure you also keep a safe distance from the bonfire as well.

Be cautious of sparklers.

Sparklers are beautiful and children enjoy playing with them, but some little kids might want to reach out and touch as they are too young to understand the dangers as they can reach temperatures of 982c so are not suitable for children under the age of 5. If your child does have a sparkler over the age of 5 always help them hold it and to keep it away from their hair and clothes and make sure they are wearing gloves to protect their hands.

Keep water nearby.

If you are at a firework display that is in someone’s garden or small proximity the make sure you/they have water nearby preferably a bucket of water and a hose just in case there are any accidents and also make sure you soak the left over fireworks before you throw them away. Also make sure you call the fire brigade if things go wrong and there is a fire.

Keep your baby warm.

The weather is now cold so you’re going to need to keep your baby warm so it’s best to make sure they have a coat, hat, scarf and gloves and socks. Then when you get back home you can tuck them up in their very own personalised baby blanket and personalised baby grow.

Make sure to use only legal fireworks.

If you are doing a firework display at home or going to one, make sure the fireworks are legal they need to be marked with the manufacturers name and logo. Store in a cool dry place and make sure they are always out of reach of children.

Make sure you are prepared to leave the display early.

Some babies might enjoy the fireworks some might not enjoy them so you must be prepared to leave in case your baby doesn’t like them or might not like the big crowds of people.

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