Feeding Your 1-month Old Baby

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Feeding Your 1-month Old Baby

When it comes to feeding your baby at this stage it’s still best to feed them whenever they are hungry. Baby will let you know when they are hungry and it should be around 8 times in a 24 hr period for babies that are breast fed, or every 3-4 hours for bottle fed babies. When babies are going through a growth spurt, they tend to eat a little bit more than normal and baby will stop drinking when they have had enough.

When feeding baby, they can swallow air this is more common in babies being bottle fed than it is in babies being breast fed, this can upset their tummy and make them feel uncomfortable. To help your baby when you are breast feeding try moving baby from one breast to the other.

When burping your baby make sure you have a burp cloth or personalised baby blanket over your clothes so you don’t get the milk that baby brings up over yourself. Make sure baby is wearing a personalised baby bib so that it doesn’t go over their clothes and leave the sour milk smell or stain their clothes. If your baby hasn’t burped after a few minutes of trying, then try a different position. If your baby falls asleep while you are trying to burp them then continue to try and burp them as they can wake in pain from trapped gas.

Here are some positions to help you with burping your baby

Rest your baby on your lap so they are laying on their tummy and gently pat and rub their back (I found this was the best way to burp my son).

Sitting your baby upright on your lap while rubbing and patting their back with one hand while you support their chin and head with the other hand.

Feeding Baby Upright with Personalised Baby Bibs

Hold baby upright over your shoulder with their head resting on your shoulder while you rub and pat their back with your other hand.

Feeding baby over the shoulder with personalised baby bibs

Burping a sleeping baby

Most babies fall asleep when they are being fed whether it’s through a bottle or being breast fed as after their tummy’s are full, they then start soothing sucking which helps them fall asleep. When your burping a sleeping baby it’s the same as a baby that is awake, but you might just want to move a bit slower.

If your baby is fussy when you’re trying to give them a bottle, try burping them every 2-3 ounces if you are feeding them with a bottle or if your breast feeding then burp them every time you switch breast. Or you can also try burping your baby if bottle fed every ounce or if breast fed every 5 minutes if your baby spits a lot, tends to be gassy or has a reflux disorder. To try to stop your baby bringing the milk back up after feeding then sit them upright for about 10-15 minutes after feeding them.

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