Bathing your 6-month-old baby

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Bathing Your 6 Month Old Baby | Amelia William Personalised Baby Clothes Gifts Blog

Now baby is getting bigger and having more control bath time might become more enjoyable for you and baby. As your baby is now 6 months you can buy a new bath seat for baby to sit in so baby can play as baby will be too big for the infant one now. When buying a new bath seat make sure you do your research as baby is going to be doing quite a bit of moving around and wiggling.


Before you put your baby in the bath you will need to make sure you have everything close by as it will make it easier for you to get baby dried and dressed after their bath.

  • Personalised Baby Pyjamas or Baby grow
  • Personalised Baby Dressing gown
  • Hooded Towel
  • Clean nappy
  • Nappy cream
  • Baby shampoo (Should be tear free)
  • Cotton balls for cleaning baby’s face
  • Washcloths for washing baby in the bath
  • Mild cleanser for washing baby (tear free)
  • Moisturiser for after baby’s bath
  • Toys for baby to play with in the bath


Baby bath seat

Baby bath seats are a chair usually made from plastic they are also waterproof and go in the bath so your baby can sit in them securely while having a bath. While you are washing your baby, they give support so you can wash freely. They are easy to get in and out of the bath, easy to clean and light. The age for a baby bath is 6 months plus normally until they start to walk. When picking a baby seat, I would recommend choosing one that has strong suction cups as at this age babies are fidgety, and you don’t want it coming away. You can buy baby bath seats that swivel. Remember even they your baby is secure in their bath seat it’s still best not to leave them unattended as they can drown in less them 52cm (2 inches) of water it can take just seconds for your baby to slip or roll over and be helpless in the water and babies don’t struggle or make noise when they get not difficulties in water so you need to keep an eye on them at all times.

Temperature of the bath

When bathing your baby make sure the water is warm and you check it first as you don’t want to put your baby in a bath that’s too hot or cold put the cold water in first then add the hot water then mix the water to make sure there aren’t any hotspots so you don’t scald baby. Always remember when bathing baby that you don’t leave the water running and put your baby in the bath and don’t put the water on while your baby is already in the bath. Your Baby’s bath temperature should be between 37 degrees c to 38 degrees c its best to buy a thermometer so you know what the temperature is and a non-slip mat for the bath seat just in case, if you don’t own a thermometer then I would suggest using your elbow to check the temperature and the water shouldn’t feel hot or cold. When your baby is in the bath you should look at getting cover for the taps to stop baby hurting themselves it’s good to teach babies while they are young not to touch the bath taps. Babies lose their body temperature very quickly so when you take them out the bath make sure there is already a towel there so you can wrap them straight up.

Depth of the bath

From newborn to 6 months you should fill the baby’s bath about 8cm to 10cm (3inches to 4 inches).

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