Baby's First Bath Time

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As new parents we are always worried and constantly asking questions such as; is the water is too hot, what baby clothes do I need, how do I check baby's bath isn’t too hot or cold, how many times should we bath baby, can we bath them before the belly button falls off and also what if baby won’t stop crying when we are bathing them so here is some pointers I hope will help you.

Things You need at bath time

The things you will need, or you may need.

  • A sponge, flannel or wash cloth
  • A mild cleanser that is designed for baby’s as their skin is more sensitive so anything that contains perfume may not be a good idea as we don’t want baby reacting to anything.
  • At least one clean towel but I would recommend two just in case baby does a wee or poo after you have got them out the bath, a lot of mums will tell you it does happen quite often.
  • Cotton Pads
  • A clean set of clothes
  • We would also recommend a personalised baby dressing gown.
  • A nappy, but once again I would recommend more than one nappy because if anything goes wrong with baby you don’t want to leave them unattended.
  • When I used to bath my son I used to have a bowel or jug with warm water in next to the baby bath to wash his hair with and to rinse the shampoo out in case he did a wee or poo in the bath because he used to do that quite a bit.

Room Temperature

You need to keep your baby warm when having a bath because babies lose their heat quicker than us. Its best to keep windows and doors closed so baby doesn’t catch a draft and you will need to keep the room warm at all times, during and straight after the bath. You will also need to make sure your hands are clean before touching the baby’s water

Running The Bath

When running the bath, you should put the cold water in first then add the hot water make sure you mix it around quite a bit first so you don’t get baby scalded and always remember baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours. Also make sure you have everything to hand before you put baby in the bath as you shouldn’t leave them unattended for any reason when in the bath.

Also, you don’t need a lot of water when bathing baby so I would recommend 8cm to 10cm of water which is 3-4 inches.

Baby in the Bath

When gently placing your baby into the bath use one arm to support the neck and head of baby and continue supporting baby’s neck and head.

When washing around baby’s eyes use a cotton pad dampened with clean warm water.

Always use different clean cotton pads for each eye, never use the same cotton pad, when cleaning the eyes always clean from the inside corner of the eye outward then using a baby soft wash cloth wipe baby’s mouth nose and whole face starting from the middle working your way outwards.  Wipe the creases in their neck and behind their ears.

When washing baby’s hair, you can use a wash cloth with Johnson’s baby shampoo.

Put a small amount on the flannel to wash baby’s hair.

When bathing baby wash the nappy area last, if bathing a girl wash the genital area front to back and for a boy gently wash the penis and genital area also washing front to back and if uncircumcised avoid pulling the foreskin back.

It’s nice to let baby get accustomed to the water so once finished let baby have a couple of minutes to enjoy the water but to make sure baby doesn’t get cold keep pouring cups of water over there body would use the water that is already in the bath as fresh water from the tap could be to hot or cold.

Baby After a Bath

When lifting baby out the bath remember to always support the head and lay them on a hooded towel to dry them off. Dry in the creases of baby otherwise they can end up with sores. Also don’t rub babies’ skin hard as they are sensitive.

Before putting baby in their personalised baby clothes put a small amount of moisturiser on baby make sure it is one for babies, I always used to use Johnsons.

Here are a few tips for cleaning baby…

  • Clean what you can see don’t put anything in their nose or ears.
  • Don’t feed baby straight after feeding maybe do it before dinner or before bed.
  • Never leave baby alone in the bath.
  • If you are using a thermometer then babies’ bath should be between 37-38 degrees.

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