Baby's 1st Christmas

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Baby's 1st Christmas: Personalised Baby Clothes Blog by Amelia William

Baby's 1st Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas can be a very exciting time and a good time to carry on your family traditions or create your own

Making your baby’s first Christmas a magical Christmas

Personalised Christmas tree decoration

You could get a personalised tree ornament as a keepsake and memory for your baby’s first Christmas or you could make it yourself to make it feel more magical. You could put a photo of your baby in the ornament and put their name on and you an bring it out every year. If you have other children, you could get them to do one as well.

Christmas Cards

When you have a new baby you just want to show them off so what better way then Christmas cards you can personalise it by putting a family photo or just a photo of your baby.

Personalised stocking

Your baby’s stocking will be put out every year so why not make it special buy having it personalised you can have you baby’s name embroidered onto the stocking or if you have a nickname for your little one why not have that embroidered.

Personalised Baby Pyjamas for Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas it’s lovely to have new pyjamas and to make it extra special you can have them personalised and keep them as a keepsake.

Christmas Outfit

Many parents choose to buy something special for their little one on Christmas day so why not treat you baby to a Christmas jumper, costume or a nice outfit.

Memory Box

It might be a lovely idea to make up a memory box for the day and keep some of the stuff for Christmas day, so you have a lovely reminder.


Some parents read to their baby so if your one of them parents or just want to start a new tradition on Christmas then you could read your baby a festive book at bedtime.


Even though Christmas is a very busy day it might be a good idea to try to keep to your routine as much as possible but make sure you enjoy the day with your baby.

Christmas dinner for your baby

You can only feed your baby Christmas dinner if they are at the weaning stage and the right age to eat solids. As it’s Christmas you could try to get away with trying different flavours with your baby’s dinner so why not try adding rosemary, nutmeg and cinnamon. Not everyone eats brussels sprout but when you blend your baby’s food into a puree add some natural sugar and why not add parsnips to but make sure to put a bit more parsnip into the blender with the sprouts to make the taste a bit better and not so bitter. When it comes to the turkey blend the turkey on its own or blend everything together it’s what you think your baby would like and add some carrots.

If your baby is at the age to eat their food without it being blending and your going to be having sprouts with your dinner, then I would recommend blending them with the parsnips for your baby to give it a better taste for them. With the turkey cut it and cut some carrots up too. With the potatoes do them same as your making yours and cut them up for baby. But always have a back up plan as this is going to be new to baby and they might not like it.

Christmas Gifts for baby

When it comes to buying gifts for a newborn or small baby at Christmas it can be hard as they aren’t able to play with toys yet so you could buy things like clothes or blankets as they are always needed for your baby. Here is a list of gifts you could buy a baby from 0 to 3 months.

Photo with Santa

Most parents want a photo of their baby with Santa and it’s a nice thing to have done to keep as a keepsake and you could put it in your keepsake box and every year do the same thing in shopping centres they normally have a Christmas grotto where you can go and get the photos done and baby gets a little gift from Santa.

Christmas shopping with a new baby

Christmas shopping will be a bit more tiring than when you go shopping normally as the shops are normally busier and the queues are normally longer so when planning your day out with your baby it would probably be best to pack extra nappies, clothes and bottles as you might be longer than your expected to be and if it gets too much you can always go back again or der online and pick it up if you don’t want it delivered as its nice to get out sometimes.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas with your new baby and enjoy every moment.

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