Baby at 4 Months

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Baby at 4 Months

Your baby’s development should be coming along quite quickly they might even be showing signs of having their first teeth and you might also be finding it a bit harder at feeding times as your baby is more aware of their surrounds and easily distracted.


You will probably be noticing that your baby isn’t wanting as many feeds as they had before that’s because their stomach would have grown bigger now which means they will have more milk in one feed so they won’t need to feed as often you might notice that it has gone down to four or five feeds a day now but they will be still gaining weight. Baby will still be dribbling food at 4 months old so we would always recommend using personalised baby bibs to catch as much spillage as possible ;). As babies can start weaning at 6 months you might want to start looking into it and seeing what ways there are to start you off. As baby is becoming distracted more easily now when feeding your baby, it might be better to find a quiet place. Waiting till your baby is 6 months to start introducing weaning is suggested because your baby’s your immune system will be stronger from around 6 months so means baby is less likely to have a bad reaction, they could also pick infections from foods as well. They are getting all the nutrients they need from formula and breast milk. If you wait till your baby is 6 months you can also be sure that they are able to swallow and digest sold foods they will also be sitting up by now and have control over their heads and hands which makes it better for them to start weaning. If you don’t want to wait till, they are 6 months old then I would suggest talking to a doctor or health visitor first.


Anything your baby touches now will go straight into their mouths so make sure you always watching, and they don’t have anything too small. They will be intrigued by different textures and materials as well. If it is too heavy, it will hit them on their head so keep that in mind when giving them new things to play with.

Helping baby do more

Tummy time is a good way for your baby to try and crawl and move about and try to push himself up the little push ups baby is doing will help strengthen their muscles. Your baby maybe roiling from front to back now and they will most likely be finding it entertaining. Although not all babies roll at 4 months it can vary some may roll at 3 months some later.


As you may have already noticed your baby’s eyesight should be getting better all the time, they should now be able to see across a room. Babies can see colour from when they are born but now, they will better at noticing the difference between different shades.


Your baby will now be trying to copy the sounds you make when you are talking to them, they will be paying close attention and you might notice that the sounds they make sound like vowel and consonant sounds. You will notice that when you make certain sounds to your baby they will laugh or smile at you and will babble back in response they might even start saying their first word.

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