2nd Month with Baby

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Babies nails

Your baby will become more aware of everything around them. You have probably noticed that your little baby’s nails grow very quickly, and you will also notice that their fingernails might need cutting. I would recommend cutting fingernails once a week and toenails every 2 weeks, this way it will stop them from scratching themselves and others. Because babies’ nails are very soft the surplus comes away very easy so if the nails are long you can pull the broken bits away if it’s not close to your baby’s skin. The safest way is to use an emery board to file your baby’s nails very gently. If you’re not ready to cut your baby’s nails you can always put mittens on to stop them from scratching themselves, if you haven’t got mittens then you can use socks as we know babies always lose them. Its best you don’t bite your baby’s fingernails as the germs from your mouth can cause an infection, especially if baby has a cut. Also, you can’t see what you’re doing and don’t want to bite on their fingers. It’s also not a good idea to cut down the sides as it causes ingrown nails and avoid cutting into a curve, its best to keep it straight.

Tips on how to cut your baby’s nails

Its best to use baby nail clippers as they are designed for babies so aren’t as sharp, baby scissors or a soft nail file.

When baby is either being fed, sleeping or relaxing in the bath is the best time to cut their nails as they are distracted and less likely to move.

Press down on the skin of the fingertip so you don’t catch the skin and can clip the fingernail, don’t try to trim the nail to short.

Make sure to file any rough bits of the fingernail with a soft nail file.

Once you have finished cutting baby’s fingernail and toes why not get them dressed in a beautifully made personalised baby grow… 😉


You will notice that your baby will start to recognise familiar faces and recognise objects, they can see up to 18 inches away so you will still need to be close to them but while they are feeding they will be able to see your face, you might also notice baby following your movements when you walk close by.

Motor skills

At 2 months old you might notice your baby is gaining more control over their head (but not enough to support themselves), you might also have noticed that they like to suck on their fingers and fist now. Baby will comfort his or herself by putting their fingers or fist in their mouths.


At 2 months old baby can’t talk or tell you what’s wrong still so they cry, gurgle or coo and they mean different things. If your baby is crying then they probably want feeding, nappy changed, tired or in pain. If they are gurgling and cooing, then it means they are happy and trying to communicate. They will smile if you talk to them.


Baby still can’t move properly on their own as they are still gaining there muscles. When they are on their belly’s they will try to hold their heads up and try to push up on their arms, their fist will be unclenched most of the time now and should have better head control when sitting on your lap but remember they cant hold their heads on their own so need support.

To help support your baby you could do

Tummy time. Carry on giving your baby small amounts of time each day on their tummy to help strengthen shoulder muscles, neck and arms. And remember to make sure you’re always watching your baby.

Read to your baby. Your baby wont fully understand what you’re saying but it will help them to recognise tone and pacing as they are listening.

Introduce different sounds. Show your baby different toys that make sounds and play different baby music for them.

Talk to your baby. When your baby is cooing or gurgling, they are trying to communicate with you so when they are making these sounds reply to them to encourage it.

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